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New album in process! 

A new Max Lilja solo album is in process and is due to release in autumn 2014.

"After the first leg of CITR -tour in October I spent a couple of weeks writing new songs, started the recordings in early January and hope I can finish it before summer."

" The concept of the album is kind of the same than in PEBOC, all on cellos, but I want to be innovative and again create something new "

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The Work of an Artist 

The documentary film The Work of an Artist now online! Music by Max.​

Why do people make art? How is art made... and what is "art" anyway?

The documentary film The Work of an Artist examines the motives behind making art, and the everyday challenges artists face. The work of an artist is demanding, yet some people choose this path. Is art borne out of an inner necessity? Are people arists by birth? The film seeks to amnswer these, and other questions.

Twin Peaks Theme 

My all cello version of the legendary Twin Peaks Theme by the great Angelo Badalamenti from the legendary television series by Mark Frost and David Lynch.

Tarja - Colours In The Road 

I'm honored and happy to continue the journey with Tarja and to once again have an opprtunity to make music with great musicians! This years band line is Mike Terrana - drums, Alex Scholpp - guitar, Anna Portalupi - bass, Christian Kretschmar - keyboards and me on cello. Tarja - Colours In The Road -tour starts from Czech Republic in October and will continue until 2015. More from Tarja in See you on tour!

A documentary score 

I'm composing a score to a finnish documentary Taiteilijan työ. It's a documentary about artists work, how is everyday life as an artist etc.
Check out the teaser!

A cover song and a video! 

I'm recording a solo cover song and there will be a video filmed! It's one of my all time favorites and you all know the song! least you should...
I got the idea when I was getting ready for the first solo gig but did not have time to prepare it then. Now I have it ready and I started recording today. I feel very good about my version and I'm sure you will too! It's not quite like my solo album but it surely showcases my art of cello! The video is filmed next week and should come out later in September. Stay tuned for more info!